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Mike Tucker, Micro Dosing, Agility Training, Progressing Speed, RSA || Episode #41

August 17, 2020

Mike Tucker is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for Villanova Football.

Mike is a S&C coach with experience coaching high school, collegiate, and professional athletes of all major sports. He's made previous stops at San Jose State, Clemson, Kutztown, North Dakota State, & Holy Cross.

Mike on Instagram:
Sprint Tember:

0:00 - Start
0:42 - Intro
1:11 How did you get into coaching?
1:58 Who have been your biggest influences?
3:27 What did you change your mind about recently?
7:03 Micro dosing: what is it?
10:25 Practical implementations of micro dosing: speed, strength
17:45 Agility vs COD
29:40 Sprinting
32:55 RSA
35:18 High-low model
43:21 Book/course recommendations
45:23 Sprint Tember
46:58 Where can people find you

Full Video Interview:

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