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Patrick “Pack” Funk, CrossFit Programming, Elite Athletes, CrossFit Games 2020 || Episode #64 [EN]

October 22, 2020

Patrick is a strength and conditioning coach specialized in crossfit with over 8 years of experience in crossfit. He competed several times per year in international competitions where he get a lot of experience for his coaching. He has multiple trainer certifications. Patrick is based in Germany where he works as a self employed coach who is writing an online crossfit programming called the package. He also coaches several high level crossfit athletes including Kevin Winkens.

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0:00 - Intro
0:11 - Start
0:29 - Pat’s background
3:21 - What drew you to CrossFit
8:41 - The Evolution of CrossFit 
20:31 - Biggest influences in coaching
24:41 - Training with Games Athletes
36:01 - The Package Online Program
55:52 - @guillaumef_coach // Guillaume asks: how to best organize a week of training in CrossFit?
1:01:32 - Crossfit competitions evolution over time
1:07:05 - CrossFit Games 2020
1:22:11 - Crossfit Sport VS Methodology
1:27:17 - CrossFit performance facility in Düsseldorf
1:33:33 - The next big thing in crossfit
1:43:50 - Rapid Fire Questions
1:53:00 - Where can we find out more about you

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