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Pete McKnight, Formula 1 Performance, Mental Preparation, Ski S&C, Mentoring Coaches || Episode #134 [EN]

May 24, 2021

Pete leads the team of around 40 coaches and practitioners within the Hintsa Sports Business. His background is as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Head of Performance with professional and Olympic athletes for nearly 2 decades. During his career, Pete has worked with Formula 1 drivers, alpine skiers in France, track & field athletes, rowers, swimmers, cricketers and footballers across Europe, as well as athletes in India and other parts of Asia, just to name a few.

Pete’s educational background is in Physics and Sports Science, with a research focus in the physiological and psychological characteristics of motorsports drivers.  

Pete was previously the Chairman of the UKSCA and has sat on different boards of directors and leadership teams. His interests lie in combining his passion for sport with business, performance leadership and public speaking. 

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0:00 - Intro
1:02 - Start
1:32 - Background
6:05 - Formula 1 demands
9:27 - Training for Formula 1
19:02 - Performance Coaches in Formula 1
28:32 - Mental Prep for Racing
36:47 - S&C around the world
48:47 - Ski S&C
54:27 - Physics and sports science
1:00:52 - Young S&C coach mistakes

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