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Sam Portland, Running Drills, Speed Development, Enabling Elite Performance || Episode #44 [EN]

August 25, 2020

Sam Portland is an S&C consultant with over 10 years coaching experience at the elite level. Based in London England he works with NFL players, elite rugby player and athletes across multiple other sports. He also provides coach mentorship and education.

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Mentorship Program:

0:00 - Start
0:56 - Sam’s background 
5:05 - Main influences
7:02 - James Smith
8:29 - Using running drills as disguised plyos 
13:53 - Speed development model
23:51 - Similarities and differences working with elite athletes VS kids
32:22 -The role of strength in speed 
44:26 - “S&C is like a teenager going through pubery”
48:03 - Politics and sports performance 
52:18 - Creating an environment for performance 
1:04:11 - What fascinates you in S&C currently 
1:07:46 - Coaching Mentorship Program
1:111:22 - Where can we find you online

Full Vide Interview:

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