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Yoeri Pegel, Learning, Social Media, Plyometrics, Technology || Episode #78 [EN]

November 13, 2020

Yoeri currently works as Performance Trainer at AFC Ajax. As a 27-year old with a background in Business from the University of Amsterdam, he's since then worked and gained his experience in a wide array of sports, ranging from football, to the Dutch Men’s National Basketball Team and 3×3 Basketball Team, to world level fighters such as Badr Hari, and European level athletes from sports such as weightlifting and field hockey.

Yoeri Pegel on IG:

0:00 - Intro
0:35 - Start
0:50 - Your background
8:35 - How do you learn?
25:30 - Social media
30:30 - Things you’ve changed your mind about?
33:45 - Plyometrics
40:25 - Technological tools
48:35 - Things that currently fascinate you in the sports performance field
53:05 - Area of interest, research, etc…
1:03:20 - Rapid fire questions
1:08:00 - Where can we find out more about you on social media?

Full Video Interview:

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