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Alex Brooker & Mike Guadango, Career Goals, Daily Routines, Mindset Gospel, Being Wrong, Working For Free || Episode #121 [EN]

April 8, 2021

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Alex Brooker is the owner and operator of Pathfinder; a private training service focused on performance psychology and physical preparation for professional athletes. Brooker received his Bachelors from Loughborough University, his Masters in High Performance Sport from Australia and is now pursuing his PhD in Self-Hypnosis at the University of Bern. Born and bred in the UK, Brooker now resides at the foothills of the Swiss Alps with his family and famous wolf. Brooker is the co-host of the Mike & Brooker Show and a wannabe adventurer / explorer. 

Mike Guadango is currently a Coach, Writer & Owner at Freak Strength and has been coaching for over 10 years. He has coached levels of athletes from NFL, MLB, NBA, MLL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Olympic medalists to pre-pubescent athletes. He has also consulted for high caliber athletes and coaches worldwide. He has worked with 10+ NFL Super bowl Champs, 10+ All-Pro/Pro-bowl selections, 5+ College National Champions, 10+ Division 1a All-Americans, 20+ Collegiate All-Americans & players from every Division 1 conference.

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Carnivore Diet, Podcasting, Career Goals, Daily Routines, Mindset, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Gospel, Being Wrong, Working For Free

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