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Jason Feairheller, Multidirectional Speed & Power, Ankle Strength, Agility Myths || Episode #40

August 7, 2020

Jason Feairheller is co-owner and strength coach at Function and Strength in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania. In addition to training, he has lectured on strength and conditioning as an adjunct professor at Immaculata University. Jason has been sought out for his knowledge and application for speed and power development. Jason has also been featured on several podcasts talking about his concept of Multidirectional Power. He has also contributed articles on speed training, as well as taught the course, “Functional Speed Training for the Fitness Professional and Healthcare Provider.”

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0:00 - Start
0:24 - Intro
0:55 - Who are you and what do you do
1:43 - Strength transfer to speed work
3:40 - Biggest influences
6:11 - Favourite ways to learn
10:31 - Things you changed your mind about
11:51 - Progressing MD speed and power development
21:16 - The upper body in sprinting and MD speed
24:51 - Ankle strength and work
27:43 - Changing levels in MD work
30:41 - MD power + linear acceleration
32:00 - Touching cones/lines
33:50 - Unstable surfaces and agility
36:56 - Ladders and agility
39:04 - Areas of interest
41:18 - Things you’d like to see more
44:05 - Things you’d like to see less
44:51 - Other resources for MD speed and power
45:45 - Where can we find you

Full Video Interview:

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