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Kyle Ruth, Swimming & CrossFit, Breathing Strategies, Mental Toughness || Episode #75 [EN]

November 7, 2020

Kyle Ruth is a CrossFit Athlete and Coach with Training Think Tank.

Kyle: "Father, husband, coach. I'm a competitor to the core, and have been since I can remember, first in swimming and now in CrossFit. I've dedicated the vast majority of my life to understanding elite performance from both the physiological and psychological side. BS in Ex Phys & MS in Applied Sport Science -- my education informs me but more importantly what I learned was how to learn, and how to think "scientifically". I've been coaching for 15 years, and worked with coached athletes at the pinnacle of human performance in multiple sports. “


0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Start
0:49 - Background
3:19 - What did your competitive experience in swimming bring to your CrossFit abilities?
8:34 - Dryland training for swimmers
11:34 - Feeling in swimming
18:34 - Breathing strategies
30:44 - Biggest mistakes you see in CrossFit when it comes to swimming?
41:04 - Mental toughness: What is it and how to improve it?
55:46 - Audience Questions:
@malczak_mikolaj || Mikolaj asks: Testing workouts: How to use them in or around a training cycle?
@luxlogier || Stuart asks: How would you incorporate CrossFit into field sports S&C for those that enjoy it and don’t like training alone?
1:00:15 - Rapid fire questions
1:03:34 - Where can we follow you on social?

Full Video Interview:

How to prepare a fist timer to the competition environment?

-competing as a skill (i.e. what is required for successful game-day performance outside of the "physical” aspects)

How has your view of training planification evolved over time?

How is training segmented throughout the week for your athletes currently?

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