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Patrick Searson, Rugby Injuries, Strength Training, Mindset In Training || Episode #58 [EN]

October 6, 2020

Patrick Searson have ten years working as a personal trainer and strength coach He has competed in high level rugby in Australia. He currently trains 100s of Rugby athletes online.

Patrick Online:

0:00 - Intro
0:21 - Start
0:41 - How did you start rugby
8:36 - Defining moments in your career
11:06 - Coming back from an injury
19:52 - Transition to coaching
22:21 - Strength training for rugby
27:16 - Coaching online - how does it work?
34:26 - Physical preparation for rugby
35:56 - What is missing for rugby athletes to succeed?
37:25 - Recovery for rugby training
41:01 - What are you currently fascinated about in the rugby performance world
47:46 - One piece of advice for amateur rugby player wanting to up their game
48:31 - One mindset book to recommend to athletes listening
49:21 - One think you could change
49:51 - Where can people find out more about you

Full Video Interview:

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